Fairy Tales

Why is it that children love fairy tales? Perhaps because children know something we adults do not. Perhaps we adults "know" that fairy tales are make believe, while children know we live inside of one.

The biblical story is the most captivating tale ever written. There is a great King, ruling and reigning with His Son, the good Prince. The Prince longs to be married, but His would-be bride is being held captive by a mighty Dragon. You see, the bride was once a loyal subject of the great King, but long ago rebelled. She finds herself enslaved by the Dragon, able only to do his will. The Prince's love compels Him to rescue His captive bride so He sets out after her. He defeats the Dragon at the cost of His life. His bride, finally free from her bondage, mourns His death.

But the story is far from over.

It will be the King that gets the last word. When all hope seems to be lost, the great King, in a dramatic plot twist, raises the good Prince from the dead. The Prince reclaims the throne and marries the bride for whom He willingly gave His life. And, loved and cherished by the great King, they live happily ever after.

Enthralling, is it not? But, this is no mere fairy tale. This is my story and yours. For those on the side of the King and His Son, there is a "happily ever after." For those on the side of the dragon, there awaits death and destruction.

We live somewhere between the resurrection of the good Prince and the final reclaiming of His throne. In the meantime, we must declare our allegiance, either to the defeated Dragon or to the victorious Prince.

Choose wisely, my friends.