Turn the Page

I haven't read much fiction. The genre never appealed to me.

But, a friend of mine loves classics and has been introducing me to a world of literature I had never explored.

I've noticed the most engaging stories comprise twists and turns that the reader- much less the characters - never saw coming. Somehow, though, the author manages to tie it all into a coherent and convincing narrative.

Have you ever read a book in which the entire plotline could be predicted in the opening pages? You feel like you've been cheated - at least, I do. I want to be hanging on every word. I want to guess at what must happen next, only to find out I was completely wrong. I want to be delighted as the story unfolds in an entirely different direction.

Until it comes to my story, that is.

The moving truck is coming today.

I never saw that coming.

Don't get me wrong. I can't wait for the next chapter. But, I really didn't want to turn the page on the chapter I've been living in for the last several years, either. It has been filled with the most wonderful characters. The plot has unfolded in the most incredible ways. I know when I go on to the next chapter, so much will change.

But, I can't have it both ways.

I have to trust the Author. And I do.

He has never let me down. He has never lead me astray. He has never taken me in the wrong direction. He has never introduced characters without a purpose. He has never taken me places without a cause. I have no reason to believe He will do so this time.

To move forward in my story, I have to turn the page. The next chapter is waiting. It is always waiting.

I'm anxious to see what happens next.

I'm ready. But, more than a little sad.