Kermit the Frog once said, “Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about partings.

Partings are always hard, but not always for the same reasons.

Some partings are hard because they go badly. They leave hurt and disappointment in their wake. They leave broken trust and damaged relationships behind.

Others are hard because they go well.

I’ve had my share of partings. You probably have, too.

I’m in the midst of one and it has been wholly unlike any other I’ve ever experienced.

I had a pastor (and boss) prayed for and with me as I wrestled with the decision to transition out of a role I have loved for four years. He challenged and supported me throughout the entire process.

I had friends come through in the most incredible ways. They, too, prayed for and with me. They have been selfless in their encouragement. They have loved me.

I hope you get to experience a good parting.

They are, in many ways, harder than a bad parting. But, I hope you get to experience a good one, nonetheless.