Die Walking

One of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read is "The Lost City of Z," by David Grann. It tells of British explorer Percy Fawcett’s epic search in the early 1900s for the legendary city of Z, supposedly buried deep in the Amazon.

On one particularly treacherous venture into the jungle, Fawcett's exploration party ran out of food and, after days of trekking on empty stomachs, soon grew weak with hunger. More susceptible than ever to disease and infection, many developed severe fevers. Any hope of getting out alive, much less finding Z, began to deteriorate.

One of the men, unable to take another step under the weight of sickness and exhaustion, collapsed against a tree and begged Fawcett to leave him to die.

"No," said Fawcett. "If we die, we'll die walking."

If we die, we'll die walking.

Most of us will never explore the Amazon (though if you happen to be planning a trip, please take me with you). We probably won't ever face starvation or risk contracting malaria. The obstacles we face will be of a different sort.

But make no mistake. We will face obstacles.

We will face cancer and heart attacks and dementia.

We will experience layoffs and financial strains.

We will lose people we love.

When my earthly life expires and I stand before my God, I want to be able to say that I gave it everything I had. I trusted Him through the trials. I stayed faithful in the challenges. I didn't collapse in the difficulties.

I want to die walking.

How about you?