Learning a Few Moves

If you've never listened to the stand-up comedy of Brian Regan, you need to. He once did a hilarious bit on dancing. He said, "I've learned a few moves, you know, to fit in. You know what I haven't figured out? How to have fun."

That pretty much sums up my relationship with dancing.

Learning a few moves is how I survive wedding receptions, which, with high school dances behind me is (mercifully) the only time I dance. I've gotten pretty good at rocking side to side and, every once in a while, I'm even on beat.

But, I've never learned how to have fun doing it.

There's nothing wrong with learning a few moves to make those inevitable social situations more bearable.

There are times, though, when there's more on the line. There are times when the stakes are much, much higher. 

Sometimes, learning a few moves means forfeiting our integrity. 

Sometimes, fitting in means compromising the truth.

Sometimes, earning the approval of others means sacrificing our values.

It's not worth it. Surrendering who we are and what we believe to keep, momentarily, from standing out is not worth it. The cost is exponentially greater than the reward. 

I will probably never enjoy dancing. I'll probably never fit in on the dance floor. But, that's okay. It's only my pride at stake- not my character.