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Cast Your Vote

So, here we are.

The election is over, and the winner has been declared.

Across our nation there are Americans celebrating and there are Americans mourning.

That’s the joy and pain of democracy. You get a say in who leads our country. It’s just that so does everybody else. So, you will experience either joy or pain – depending upon how everybody else used their say.

But, here’s the reality.

Donald Trump was not our Savior – and Joe Biden won’t be either.

Now, don’t hear what I’m not saying.

I’m not saying our President doesn’t matter. I’m not making light of the decision we, as a nation, made.

What I’m saying is that we’ve never had a President that wasn’t broken. We’ve never had a President without flaws. We’ve never had a President able to save our country because we’ve never had a President who didn’t need to be saved himself.

Let’s not place our hope in the election of our next President or despair at the departure of our previous President.

Regardless of who you voted for last Tuesday, you’re not done voting.

You – and I – vote every single day for the kind of nation we’ll have in how we speak and act.

We cast a vote when we tear each other down, rather than extend each other grace.

We cast a vote when we try to have the loudest voice, rather than taking time to listen.

We cast a vote when complain about our President, rather than praying for him.

As a friend of mine wisely said, “Don’t cast your responsibility with your ballot.”

Your vote mattered on Election Day. It still matters the day after Election Day. And the day after that. And the day after that.

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