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If These Walls Could Talk

You’ve heard that phrase before, right?

It’s usually uttered at an old or historic building.

“If these walls could talk, imagine the stories they would tell.”

Well, in Egypt, the walls really do talk.

No, not out loud, of course.

But if you visit any of the temple ruins – which are absolutely colossal – you’ll noticed that just about every inch of every walls bears ornate carvings and intricate designs.

These carvings, though, are not merely aesthetic.

They are intended to tell the story of the Pharaoh’s victories. They declare his power. They sing his praises and proclaim his glory.

As I stood at one such temple – Medinet Habu, built by and dedicated to Ramesses III – I thought about the “walls,” if you will, of my life.

I thought about what stories I’m telling.

Am I telling the story of my victories – of God’s?

Am I declaring my power – or God’s?

Am I hoping that people will sing my praises and proclaim my glory – or God’s?

The Bible says that we are stones in the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I want every inch of my stone to be carved with the story of who He is and what He has done.

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