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Purpose in the Desert

Moses was nothing more than a lowly shepherd when God showed up and gave Moses his marching orders.

Moses grew up among Egyptian royalty but, years earlier, fled to the desert after he’d killed an Egyptian for beating one of the Israelite slaves.

He ended up in the land of Midian. He married, had children, and settled down. He took a job tending his father-in-law’s sheep in the desert for the next forty years.

Moses assumed he would live out his days as a shepherd. He had grown accustomed to the quiet rhythm of the desert. He wasn’t expecting anything to change.

Yet, it was there, in the desert, that God showed up.

God gave Moses the seemingly impossible mission of leading the people of Israel out of their slavery in Egypt to the land that God had, long ago, promised to give the descendants of Abraham.

And the only way to get from Egypt to the promised land was through the desert.

The same desert Moses spent forty years walking.

He knew the land inside and out

All this time Moses thought he was just tending sheep but God was actually preparing him to lead His people.

Maybe God has a purpose for your desert. Maybe He’s using it to prepare you for something.

Let’s not squander this time. We’ll never get it back.

Maybe it’s time to turn off the TV, close out of social media, and put the phone down.

Pick up a book. Learn or refine a skill. Invest time in something God can use.

Let’s give Him as much as to work with as we can so we’ll be prepared when He shows up with our marching orders.

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