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Rich and Generous

Alexander the Great is regarded as one of the most powerful rulers in history.

Legend holds that one of Alexander’s beloved generals had a daughter engaged to be married. Because Alexander so valued his general, he offered to pay for the entire wedding.

When the general sent Alexander the total, it was astronomical. He had booked the most expensive venue available and withheld no expense. The messenger delivering the bill feared that Alexander would be so angry at the extravagance that he would take his life for even bringing him such news.

When Alexander received the bill, however, he laughed and said, “Pay it!”

The messenger, surprised and greatly relieved, inquired as to the unexpected response.

“Don’t you see,” said Alexander, “by asking me for such an enormous sum he does me great honor. He shows that he believes I am both rich and generous.”

I think that’s how God feels when we come to Him.

He doesn’t care how big the “tab” is.

When we come to Him audaciously in prayer we do Him great honor, for we show that we believe He is both rich in love and generous in lavishing it upon us.

He delights in demonstrating His extravagant love.

He doesn’t always say yes to our requests. But when He withholds it’s for our best.

I wonder, though, how often He withholds simply because we didn’t ask – simply because we didn’t believe Him to be rich and generous in love.

He is, you know.

So ask Him.

He may say no – and if He does you can be confident it’s for your good.

But He might just say yes.

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