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If you haven't noticed, God teaches me a lot through airplanes, which is an interesting testament to His creativity.

Some time ago, I flew from Charlotte to St. Louis to visit my family for the weekend. As is my custom, I enjoyed three gate changes, a maintenance delay and a setback due to thunderstorms. But I'm not bitter.

Usually, when weather infringes upon my travel plans, I simply end up sitting in an airport terminal, waiting for things to clear up. This time, though, we were already approaching the St. Louis airport when the storms moved in.

As we took yet another lap in our holding pattern, I glanced out my window and thought about how calm it was above the clouds. The setting sun cast a stunning glow on the soft white against the backdrop of a blue sky. It was actually quite beautiful.

Yet just below the surface, hidden from our vantage point, thunder and lightning rumbled amidst a downpour.

I thought about the people I've met and the stories I've heard. I thought about how often there are hurricanes raging in the lives around me that the beauty above the surface would never betray.

I thought about the One who bring calm to the storm. I thought about how with every interaction, with every conversation, with every word, He has commissioned me to be a conduit of His peace and His presence.

May those of us that have experienced the peace of God in the middle of our storms take to the world that same peace as we join others in their storms- even the storms that fury under the cover of a seemingly calm life.

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