Seven Men by Eric Metaxas

Biographies have never been a genre of literature I've much enjoyed. If I'm being honest, I know that I could learn a lot from the biographies of great men and women, but, they are almost always quite long and, inevitably, I lose interest within a couple of chapters.

Eric Metaxas, though, takes a unique approach in his book Seven Men. Rather than take a more comprehensive look at a single figure, he instead seeks to answer a single question.

What is it that makes a great man great?

He answers that question by way of biography. Following the stories of, not one, but seven men, Metaxas draws out the particular qualities common among each. The writing is riveting and the lessons undeniably valuable.

If you love biographies, you'll want to check this one out, as its probably unlike any other you've read. If you're a biographical rookie, like myself, then I could not recommend a better place to start.

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Leadership Axioms by Bill Hybels

There is no shortage of books on leadership. Odds are, you don't need another one.

But, hear me out.

Most leadership books take the reader through what amounts to an autobiography of the author. Along the way, leadership lessons are learned and applications are made. Those type of books can be immensely valuable, but its difficult to use as a reference in the future and, let's be honest, you'll have to work through a good bit of content that doesn't apply to your situation to find even a scrap that does.

This book takes a Christ-centered approach to leadership that is refreshingly simple and undeniably practical. Rather than insisting that you read it cover to cover in order to glean all the leadership nuggets you can, it is organized into short, self-contained chapters situated under broad categories. For instance, if you need insight into how to lead your team through a particularly tumultuous season, you can skim the table of contents and find two or three chapters that will speak to leading through chaos. If you've spend months developing a vision for your organization or project, you're going to want to be sure its communicated as effectively as possible, right? Good news. There is a chapter on how to do just that.

Leadership Axioms belongs within reach of anyone who leads anything. You won't regret adding this one to your library.

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